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Bought a G11 Keyboard got a French 1

Hi, I bought a keyboard from Ebay it shows a english keyboard on the box but when i opened it up its french its not a quert keybard


its Azerty allong the top a quick google shows it a french/belgian layout.


If the person in question doesnt take it back will i be able pop the keys out and put them the English order?


y-ug75a part no 868005-0101

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Re: Bought a G11 Keyboard got a French 1

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if all the correct keys are there yes..  just change the language/keyboard layout options in windows control panel after.


if the seller doesnt take it back you can file a claim with Ebay and or PayPal and say the item was not as described and they will take it back and give you your money.  

i got a 400 buck refund on a knock-off Nokia phone i got scamed for FROM PAYPAL. not the seller

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