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G110 Volume Wheel

The System Volume wheel on my G110 keyboard does not work linearly; for example if I were to increase the volume using the wheel the system volume just bounces between several values, if the starting point was 12 the volume may increase to 16 then back to 11 maybe up again to 14. The same goes for decreasing volume.


I am currently running Windows 8 64-bit (automatic updates on) with Logitech gaming software 8.46.27, I am also running the latest audio drivers from my Motherboard Manufacturer. The system volume wheel has had this problem since purchase and was present when I was running Windows 7 64-bit.


I have tested plugging headphones into the keyboard and adjusting the volume, it suffers from the same non-linear response as the system volume. The volume mute buttons and media playback buttons all work with headphones or speakers.


I am running 5.1 Logitech speakers connected through my PCs on board audio card.

Thanks, Brad

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Re: G110 Volume Wheel

Hi Brad,


The volume wheel together with the media controls of your G110 Gaming Keyboard should work with your native HID Windows drivers. It should respond properly with or without Logitech Gaming Software. You can try restarting these HID drivers to check if the problem can be rectified:


  1. Press on Windows + R to open "Run" command box.
  2. Type services.msc to open "Windows Services".
  3. On the left pane, look for "Human Interface Device Access". Right click and choose "Restart". Its "Startup" attribute should be "Automatic".
  4. Close "Windows Services".
  5. Check if the volume wheel is responding properly.

You also have an option of testing the keyboard with another computer for isolating the problem (without LGS). If the issue persists, then I believe that this is hardware-related. I suggest for you to contact Logitech Technical Support in your region for further information in placing a warranty claim.


I hope this information helps. :smileywink:




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Re: G110 Volume Wheel

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Thanks Giddie01, this also solved my problem!


I recently started using my G110 with a different PC: on the first Windows 8 Pro never had any problems, but on the second one the media keys and volume only worked until the first reboot.

If I unplugged it and plugged it back in on a different port, it worked again until the next boot. Seems the "HID Access" was set to "Manual", and was triggered only when it's freshly plugged in but not at boot.

Set to "Automatic" and is working fine now.