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G13 & Planetside 2

Does anyone use the Logitech G13 for Planetside 2? If so how do you have your mapping setup?
I'm having a hard time finding a nice layout to actually make using the G13 worth it, so I tend to switch back to my G110, the only game I really use the G110 on still. 

Please post your layout or profile here! 

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Re: G13 & Planetside 2

I don't have my G13 set up for flying in PlanetSide 2 yet, only infantry and vehicles.  my own setup is a bit complicated, but here's the simple version:


G3: W

G4: Shift

G5: F

G6: T


G10: R

G11: Q

G12: G

G13: B


G15: F2

G16: F3

G17: Ctrl

G18: F4

G19: F5


G20: V (this is my TeamSpeak 3 push-to-talk key)

G21: M


G23: E

G24: C


Thumbstick: W A S D

Thumbstick button: Space




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Re: G13 & Planetside 2



I will try this out tonight. I actually found a decent layout for Flight. I'll post it tonight