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G19 CPU Monitor Core support.

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Hey guy's I've just built a new computer & the Performance Monitor only displays one CPU, It's displaying the cores as one which is handy, it used to display one for each core when I had my quad but obviously it can't handle the amount of cores I now have.


I'm running two Xeons with 6 cores @ 4.00GHz each with, so a total of 12 cores, all true cores no hyperthreading/virtual cores.

Although I'm not asking for you to support all 12 cores on the tiny little LCD, any chance of a future update that could at least show each processor, as I am running two, can it not group the 6 cores from one and the 6 cores from the other and display it as two CPU's on the LCD. it's not really anything major and just my personal preference. But would be a good idea to start looking at supporting more cores as they are becoming more popular now.


Big fan of the Logitect range, have owned the G15, now onto the 19 also have the Orbital Sphere webcam and the newer HD Pro C910 as well as the beastly G35 headset. Never  been to keen on your gaming mice though lol.


Cheers guys.




If you look at how popular the scripts of having the "disco lights" effects on keyboards hoepfully you'll take this onboard for the next gaming keyboard you relase Smiley Wink

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Re: G19 CPU Monitor Core support.

how are you running 2 6cores on one mobo i dont know any amd board that supports this

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Re: G19 CPU Monitor Core support.

Just use LCDHost.

LCDSirReal for G15/G13LCDHost for G19/G15/G13

LCDHost and LCDSirReal homepage: