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G19 applets?

Hi all,


Erm,I was wondering if anyone had a link with G19 applets for me? As in coloured ones?

I already tried the G15 ones but I find those kinda lame on a colour LCD... ><


Thanks in advance ^^

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Re: G19 applets?

As far as I know no one has written any yet.  The SDK has only been available to the public for a couple months, and the keyboard has only been on store shelves for a couple weeks.  It will take some time for enthusiast users to write applications for the LCD, as well as for game developers to implement support for it.
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Re: G19 applets?

Okay so basicly I and the rest of the community gotta wait for smart people to write them? Does anyone know how long it took for G15's applets to get written by people? So I know how long my screen will be somewhat useless?


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Re: G19 applets?

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Chris:  There are at least 4 with some support, actually.  Everest has black and white support for the higher resolution, as does the newest version of Barlogg's applet.  Ventrilo 3.0.5 has full color support, apparently.  My own app (LCD Miscellany) has had partial support for months (About half the screens support the higher resolution, with some color, and can write your own scripts using colors as well), though it has a nasty G19-related memory leak I haven't released a fix for yet (Probably release a quick fix this weekend).


I haven't tried any of the other apps, so I could be wrong about them.


Edit:  NLReaper:  After the G15 came out, a bunch of mods were released in the first few months, most of them pretty simple.  After that, mod release rate slowed down drastically.  I suspect that the G15 apps being (semi-)actively maintained will probably have G19 support added pretty promptly, but a slower release rate of new G19 apps than G15 apps, since there will be a lot fewer G19s out there, and G15 apps will work on G19s.  If you want specific games to support the G19...  That's probably going to be quite a while, and depends more on game devs owning their own G19s than anything else, I suspect.

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Re: G19 applets?

Maybe a new thread is in order ... top 10 applets people want to see. I remember they did that on a while back and it was pretty enlightening.
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Re: G19 applets?

i rather would like to see an easier to use program to create applets for the G19 something like Barloggg's Applet but then with Full LCD support and colors!
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Re: G19 applets?

G19app, G19 LCD Applet, G19 LCD Application



LCD Host application to display content on a LCD screen. Resolution 320 x 240 pixels and full color.

Several Features:
• Call of Duty 4
• CPU Usage
• DateTime View
• Harddisk Usage
• Image Viewer
• Memory Usage
• Network Usage
• Teamspeak
• Temperatures
• Winamp
• Xfire
• Fraps
• Rss Reader
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Re: G19app Updates

[ Edited ]

Updated Version 1.1.1


After a suggestion of one of the users, you can change the size of the font on the LCD screen.
You'll have the following choices: 8.25 points, 9.50 points and 11 points.

This change is not implemented in the Installer, please use "Check updates" to get the latest version.

Updated Version 1.1.2


When you change the Background Image, the change of the image won’t take effect in the panel in the application until you restart the application.

Background Image Bug is Fixed in version . Update the application to version using "Check updates".

Updated Version 1.1.3


Bug fixed, Select image is still disabled when clicking on the Image plugin.

Fontsizes; more choices of sizes, 8.25 to 15 points range.

Updated Version 1.1.4


Winamp Plugin updated;
- Added Tracklength
- Added Trackposition
- Added Current bitrate


Xfire Plugin updated;
- Fixed several bugs
- Xfire is still not running stable (in progress)


RSS Plugin updated;
- The feed cycles now through 4 items each time
- 5 seconds delay for the cycle


If you get an .NET Framework Exception, please create the following folder:
%Program Files%\G19app\Backup\\Plugins\
Replace with the current installed version. It's about the Plugins folder that does not exists in the Backup folder of the previous version.
This update bug is fixed in

Updated Version 1.1.5


RSS Plugin fixed;
- RSS Feed wouldn't update from the user input.


CPU Plugin fixed;
- CPU Plugin got some errors on the Categoryname within the Performance Counter.


Teamspeak Plugin new feature;
- Current users in current room.


Minor Application changes
- Layout changed a bit, background and font colors.
- Added Color Picker to select font color.

Updated Version 1.1.6


- Xfire Plugin fixed
- CPU Plugin, Performance Counter fixed.
- Memory Plugin, Performance Counter fixed.
- Harddisk Plugin, Performance Counter fixed.
- Image Plugin, bug when loading images that does not exists, fixed.
- Resize of elements in the LCD Panel. Resize the element by mouse or by input.
- Select elements with softbuttons (scroll is in development)
- Added Plugin; Outlook Unread Message Checker
- Added Plugin; Pop3 Message Checker
- Fixed bug with Width and Height textboxes
- Fixed bug regarding to Loading and Unloading plugins
- Added Plugin; Everest information, still in development

Updated Version 1.1.7


- Fontsizes are extented. Up to 20 points.
- Bug is fixed about the background image.
  The background image was update from the config file instead off the current config.

Preview Version 1.1.8


Several bugs fixed, e.g.:
- Bug fixed when Outlook isn’t running
- Bug is fixed about the background image.


Here is a preview about some layout changes. New release will come soon this week, so keep an eye on the forum.



Check our website:
Check, join and post suggestions on our forum:

Have fun!


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More G19app Updates

[ Edited ]

Updated Version 1.2.0


Several bugs fixed, e.g.:

- Bug fixed when Outlook isn’t running and the application start when Windows starts.

- Bug fixed in Winamp Plugin, Volume didn’t update.

- Bug fixed “Load when Windows startup”, please uncheck and check the checkbox again.

- Reorganized the source code for better performance.


New features;

- Option to Start Minimized added.

- Option to Notify when updates are available.

- Change Background of each individual Panel.


Multilingual User Interface

- Choose your preferred interface language.

- Added Language; Nederlands

- Added Language; Français

- Added Language; Deutsch

- Added Language; Espanol

- Added Language; Italiano

- Added Language; Russian


Updated Version 1.2.1


Several bugs fixed;

- Save settings for Plugins and Panels.

- Rss Plugin bug fixed loading Rss Feed.

- Teamspeak Plugin changed, Nickname is gone, Servername added.

- Load when Windows startup bug fixed, G19app isn’t displayed on the LCD screen when Logitech LCD Manager is loaded.

- Solved the Memory Leak in the Teamspeak Plugin.

- Background settings did not save right on exit.


New Plugins;

- Outlook Task Items

- Outlook Calendar Items


Multilingual User Interface

- Added Language; Dansk

Updated Version 1.2.2


Several bugs fixed;

- Background settings did not save right on exit.

- Font Color problem when loading with wrong font color code.

- Drag and drop of Panels in the Preview is changed, select label with left-mouse-click, drag and drop with right-mouse-click.

- Bug fixed in Color Picker.

- Fixed Language problem with “Notify me when updates are available” at startup.

- Network Plugin changed and bug fixed.

- POP3 Plugin updated to read unseen mails instead of all mails.

- Various source code improvements


Updated Version 1.2.3


POP3 Plugin Updated;

- POP3 Count Plugin; Total count of messages on the POP Server.

- POP3 Unseen Plugin; Total unseen messages, 'unseen' by the application, checked every 60 seconds.


Everest Plugin Updated;

- Added Used Memory (in MB)

- Added Free Memory (in MB)


Several bugs fixed;

- More source code improvements.

- Solved error when no internet connection is available.


Added Translations;

- Swedish

- Norwegians

- Danish


Updated fonts list;

- MS Shell Dlg 2

- Arial

- Arial Black

- Arial Narrow

- Bookman Old Style

- Century Gothic

- Comic Sans MS

- Courier New

- Impact

- Lucida Console

- Lucida Sans

- Lucida Sans Unicode

- Microsoft Sans Serif

- Tahoma

- Times New Roman

- Verdana


Plugins in development;

- Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (arduously)

- Counter Strike Source (arduously)

- Team Speak 3

- Pop3 with SSL support

- Windows Media Player (on hold)


Check our website:
Check, join and post suggestions on our forum:

Have fun!


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G19Applet: b03tzLCD released!

[ Edited ]

b03tzLCD v1 is's a very simple setup with all you need (there are no extra downloads required for CPU temp all is included).


Check it out:






















































[ Easy and fully Customizable ]
[ Up to 4 pages of info ]
[ Switchable with the buttons on your keyboard ]
[ Custom backgrounds per page ]
[ All plugins can be positioned manually to fit your background ]
[ Custom plugin output string-format! ]

[ CoreTemp ]
[ Winamp ]
[ MSN Messenger ]
[ PC UpTime ]
[ CPU Speed ]
[ Network Monitor ]
[ Date-Time ]
[ Harddisk monitor ]
[ Memory monitor ]
[ More to come... ]

The applet is released...please check the website for details!