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General G510 Instructions

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I have a different problem than most and need a little boost to get going. Unlike most folks on the forum, I don't play games on my keyboard but use it to do printed circuit board dvelopment. I had the previous edition of the G510 and had it doing what I need to do(a few shortcuts for MSOffice but mostly scripts that I can assign to my G-keys). Any help I can get to get back to my normal operation would be great.



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Re: General G510 Instructions

previous edition?  you mean you had a G15?


what software were you using before?  unless it was very *very* old (pre-LGPS v3.x), you should be able to use the same software for the G510, and continue to use all your old scripts and macros (although you might need to create your shortcuts again).


if you were using an older version of LGPS you might just need to upgrade it to v3.06 to get it to recognize your G510.  you can download the older releases here:


you can also upgrade from LGPS to LGS (the current software) and it should import all your old profiles.



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