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How to clean G700

how to clean G700 gliding feet? Smiley Indifferent I don't want damage gliding feet it good idea to take off those glids feet and clean? i'm kinda obsssesed very clean almost like OCD Smiley Tongue

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Re: How to clean G700

might be better to ask in the G-series mouse forum -- this is the G-series keyboard forum.


that said, if the G700 pads are anything like the G9 pads, if they acquire any dirt buildup you can just scrape it off with your fingernail, or scrub them with a dry paper towel.  that won't cause any damage.  but don't attempt to unstick the pads -- once unstuck I doubt they'll stick back on again nearly as well.


if any dirt gets stuck in the small gap around the edges of the pads, you can clean it out using a sewing needle or a pin.  just run the point along the gap to scrape out any accumulated dirt.


if you keep your mouse pad clean then you won't need to clean the underside of your mouse nearly as often.



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