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Repairing my G15 keyboard. (several keys not working)

So, my G15 keyboard has been damaged somehow, IDK for sure, I just remember it working one night, and when I woke up (with a pounding headache Smiley Tongue) a lot of my keys no longer work. (o, p, backspace, most of the number row, all of the scroll pad, and all of the number bad but / and *)  I'm assuming the keyboard got attacked by a beer lolz, and it maybe shorted something out or whatever x.x This happened a while ago, but I decided recently that I was gonna fix it on my own.  The lights still work, and most of the keyboard does too, it just seems like a shame to throw away such an awesome piece of hardware due to such a small flaw.  (especially when I just got hooked up to Aion, which it has a profile for!)  So, I guess what I'm asking is how can I tell what's in need of repair, and what would be the best way to go about it?  (I have a lot of tools my bro used for building robots, etc. so that shouldn't be a problem, and I'm somewhat savvy with electronic repair myself, savvy enough to follow directions/vids anyway Smiley Tongue)  And, thanks to whoever reads this, even if you can't help, I know it's a wall of text ^^

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Re: Repairing my G15 keyboard. (several keys not working)