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g105 "driver not found"

I bought a g105 today, downloaded and installed the LSG software 8.20 but win7 64bit doesn't have a driver for the keyboard.


I can use the keyboard in my bios but on win7 startup it just turns off again.


anybody how knows this problem?

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Re: g105 "driver not found"

Hello Majeric,


Have you tried going into the Device Manager and updating the driver and have it search automatically? Is you Windows all up to date? You may need to try doing a Windows repair, if all else fails. Seems like your HID Keyboard drivers maybe missing or corrupt.



Kind Regards,

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Logi Nu
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Re: g105 "driver not found"

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I'm having the same issue here, and I tried to download the driver but nothin found by Win7.
Where can I find driver to download and install on my PC?

The keyboard is present in Control Panel (Devices) but it says that the drivers are not installed. Even trying to search online drivers with the Windows Troubleshoting makes no difference: no drivers found.


Windows is up to date.


P.S. I have a G300 mouse also, and it's correctly recognized by the LGS.