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mac drivers

Will there ever be any mac drivers for the logitech g105 and g700?

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Re: mac drivers

Hello Stringbeenus


Currently, no software is available for the g105 Keyboard and the G700 Gaming mouse for a Mac operating system. The G105 and G700 will work with a Mac Operating system but just as plug and play devices, they will function only as a basic keyboard and mouse.


But there is a way to assign funcitons to the G-keys and use them on a Mac for the G700 Gaming Mouse. You can configure the on-board memory of the G700 mouse on a Windows computer using the Logitech Setpoint software then use it on a Mac computer without software. This only works with the on-board memory though.


Hope this helps.



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Re: mac drivers

Hey String, just get Steermouse.  It's $20 for a license and you can assign different button setups per app and it works flawlessly.


I dont know why Logitech hasnt just stepped up and made something.  Pretty lame seeing as it has been years since their last update.  They say that in the future they want to dev mac/pc at the same time.  Riiiight.  We'll be dead of old age before then it seems.


Hire a freaking MAC intern to port your stuff already

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Re: mac drivers

Seriously, Logitech needs to start realizing that Mac users aren't second class citizens. In fact, we have A LOT more money than the average PC user. See Apple's stock price. See average cost of a Mac versus PC. This is the market you want to play in. The customers that have to ask their parents for a logitech controller for Christmas are not who you want to target. The folks who can afford $2,000 laptops are a great target because we can drop cash without a second thought. Just become the company that "just works" with Macs and you will have loyal customers who have DEEP pockets. 

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Re: mac drivers

Twe years with no updates = abandonment of the mac platform

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Re: mac drivers

yes the crap 32 bit drivers HOG the CPU usage using 30 + % - 30 % for device drivers that is outrageous!

It needs a rewrite, its just ridiculous!