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G300 Gaming mouse software download

Hello, I am trying to download the g300 software from the website and when i click the download link it says "please select an application to open this with" or something similar, then it makes me browse through my computer for an application. I don't know what to pick.

Second question, how do I reprogram the memory buttons to different bindings? I need the software to do that right?

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Re: G300 Gaming mouse software download

That's weird. If you selected "Windows 7", make sure you download the option that says "Logitech Gaming Software (Curent)"


If it still doesn't work, try using a different browser.





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Re: G300 Gaming mouse software download

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What version of Windows do you have? If you have Windows Vista/7, can you please click Start, type MSIEXEC and Enter, then copy past your Windows installer version. If you have XP, Click Start > Run and type MSIEXEC.


One other thing to try is to temporarily make a new administrative user account and see if it will install on that. And yes, the software is required to change bindings on the mouse.



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Re: G300 Gaming mouse software download

Windows ® Installer. V 4.5.6001.22159 this is the version of my OS.. why does my pc can't detect the software?