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G5 and random sensitivity changes

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I have a G5 mouse that worked fine under Windows XP, but when I upgraded to Windows 7 last week, it started to have a strange sensitivity issue.


At seemingly random times, regardless of what I am doing (games, websurfing, etc.), the sensitivity will drop considerably and the sensitivity adjustment buttons "lock," IE I press one and nothing happens, even the lights on the mouse don't change.


Eventually, it will return to normal, but at a seemingly random time. Sometimes hours, sometimes seconds.


Rebooting does not fix it. To make it go back without waiting, I have to unplug the mouse from the USB port and plug it back in. This happened before I installed SetPoint, but even after 4.80.103 with driver 4.82.11 I get the same issue.


Are there compatibility issues with this mouse and Windows 7? I did not have this problem until Windows 7 was on this machine.


EDIT: I should probably mention that I also have a Wave keyboard and LX8 mouse that I use in my living room with this machine (though not for long, the wireless range on this set is horrible). The LX8 does not have this problem.

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Re: G5 and random sensitivity changes

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I would suggest getting another mouse. setpoint and the G5 mouse have had numerous issues in Vista. And I suspect it will in windows 7. Just take a look in the forums all the problems with setpoint and gaming mouses. And Logitech really dosnt seam to care about fixing  any of the issues. I haven't had setpiont installed in well over a year because of the problems with there software. The only reason I still have the G5 is because it fits my hand good. Any input device I buy in the future wont be Logitech. There hardware is good but there software and costumer support have gone to the wayside.