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G500 Issue... Jitter? Jump?

My G500 jumps/jitters when I move it across the screen.  If I move it in a straight line across my mouse pad, or any other surface the pointer will jump up and down, or side to side depending on if I move it vertially, or horizontally.  On extremely low dpi it's not too bad, but if I set it to a reasonable sensitivy it may jump as far as a centimetere as I move the mouse.  Any idea on how to fix this?  Yes, I've downloaded set point.  That helped, a little, but it only cut it down how far it jumps.  It still bounces wildly around the screen.



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Re: G500 Issue... Jitter? Jump?

Try a different mousepad. If that doesn't fix it, maybe the mouse is defective.

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Re: G500 Issue... Jitter? Jump?

Look my first post. Is not a software/firmware problem, its a pure hardware. also i think this is the root of so-called "acceleration"  problem. and i don't think avago 9500 have acceleration itself, just a bad manufactures.