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G500_Jumpy page with hyper-scrolling

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I just recently purchased the G500 mouse and the one issue that really bothers me is that when you engage the hyper-scrolling wheel the page you are on becomes jumpy when you are moving the mouse around.  It is to the point that I can't really use this feature and I would love to be able to.  

An example....when on Reddit, I try to click on one topic and when I click on it the page has jumped and I am taken to another topic instead of the one I wanted.

I use Chrome for a browser, Windows 7, 64 Bit 

Is this a hardware issue with the mouse?
Is it common?

Any solutions?
Thanks guys,

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Re: G500_Jumpy page with hyper-scrolling

Hello Craig266, 


Since the hyper-scrolling on your G500 mouse is hardware enabled, there's a chance that the web page becomes jumpy when you move the mouse around, because the mouse wheel moves a little bit. This is not really supposed to be happening, the scrolling wheel should only react when you use your finger to move it up and down.


To identify if this issue is related to the G500's hardware or to the browser settings,Could you please try to test the mouse on a different computer and check to see if the issue occurs there?



I hope that you find this information helpful Craig266, I'm looking forward to your reply.



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