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G500 USB Device not recognized

Hello, I purchased a g500 mouse less than a year back and am currently on my second replacement mouse, which has just stopped working.  On the previous 2, after a few months, they begin giving the USB Device not recognized error message occasionally.  When this happens the mouse does not light up and does not work at all.  By plugging and unplugging the mouse it can be made to work again, but too much movement causes the mouse to glitch out again.  As more time passes the length and frequency of this error increases until the mouse is unsuable.  Both times I contacted logitech about this they sent me a replacement.  This time the mouse was doing fine but when I turned off my computer the mouse's lights stayed on.  I found this odd so I turned the computer back on, which caused the lights to remain lit but the mouse completely unresponsive.  I then unplugged the mouse and plugged it back in and the same error message popped up and will not work at all, no matter how many times I replug it.  Is there a reason this happens?  Should I unplug the mouse before turning the computer off or something?  I'm going to try to get another replacement but this recurring issue is getting annoying.

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Re: G500 USB Device not recognized

sounds like a cable issue, the csr at logitech is great though email them

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