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Re: G500 vs. G700 mice

to the guy who posted above me:

u are using a different grip wiht the g500, u are putting 3 fingers on top(I used to do that) of the mouse which is y ur ring finger keeps slipping off, the g500 is designed for 2 fingers on top same as g700, other wise both mice will feel very thin on ur hand, that kind of grip is very good for switch weapons and more sensitive button pressing(which explains y u said the middle button and the mouse button is soft or out of reach Smiley Happy I personally is actually deciding between these 2 also, but I gotta pick g500, becoz g700 is same lentgh as razer imperator, which is 5mm too short for my middle finger, I have average lentgh hand 185mm, it's suppose to manage a full palm grip on this mouse, but failed, only if u put 3 fingers on top, which is close to a claw /palm grip, so I personally donno the lentgh of g500, but I heard it's longer, so some advise will be apreciated

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Re: G500 vs. G700 mice

I use the charging cable of my phone (galaxy nexus) and its almost perfect (a bit short)

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Re: G500 vs. G700 mice

Here's what you're gonna do see, you're gonna forget about the G500 and the G700 and you're gonna buy a G600. GOT IT! Smiley Mad

























Smiley LOL Smiley Wink

Will work for Kudos!