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G500s right button feel


The right click button is softer (in comparison to the left) meaning that it does not have the same resistance as the left button. Also the right click is considerably easier to press and the clicking sound is quieter.

Is this normal?

Does the left/right buttons have the same switches or are different, thus explaining the different feel?



(The G500s is two week's old with no gaming use, just browsing).


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Re: G500s right button feel

Hi Nick,


The two main buttons of your G500s mouse are built with the same type of switches. The feel of their clicks are somewhat similar to the G500, which is soft and highly responsive.


Normally, the left and right click should have the same feel. But IMHO, it's better to have a harder left click (compared to the right) since you will be using this more often. Perhaps this helps the 20 million clicks more physically attainable. Smiley Wink




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