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G700 scrolling problem - hardware

My new G700 bought for three months now has the problem, auto scrolling to the end of website page without any actions from user. I tried to plug it to my Macbook, It's still be problem.

 If I open an excel file, it will be scrolled to the unlimited rows and never stop.

My P/N is 810-001784 and PID is LZ12633.


Is it warranty ? I bought it from USA and now I'm living in VietNam.

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Re: G700 scrolling problem - hardware

Hello LTN,


I would suggest try resetting the mouse. Take the battery out of the mouse and click the left and right mouse buttons for approx. 10-15 seconds. Put the battery back in. Also test it wired, remove the USB receiver and plug the mouse in via the charging cable. Make sure there is no hair or debris in around the scroll wheel. If the problem still persists then I would suggest contacting support within your region.



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