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Help please, with g300

i putt the eye on it and have some questions. These G# buttons, does them conflict with the same button-keyboard, such as a4tech x7??? I mean, for example, if i have the G1 on mouse and G1 on keyboard, will they do the same action?

 And the second question. About programming these buttons. I can set the any command what i want? Or i'm limited in actions? I mean, i'm working in 3d soft, such as 3d maya and there a very special commands. I want to create a new hotkey, and when i hit the G# button in hotkey editor to set, i must see the name! Will i see the name? Does these buttons have a unique name?

 Help me please, it's very important to me, before buying this.

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Re: Help please, with g300

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Hello Horrificdoom


-Any button assignment on the G1 Key of the Mouse And the G1 Key on a Logitech keyboard are independent and can be configured separately. There should be no conflict between the G-keys on the mouse and the G-keys on the keyboard.


-Using the Logitech Gaming Software you can assign the following to the buttons of the mouse:


  • Keystroke — Assign a single keyboard key press, or a key press with modifiers.
  • Multi Key — Assign a "macro'd" series of keyboard keystrokes. (NOTE: You can set up these macros to function both with and without recorded time delays.)
  • Text Block — Create a block of text to be typed out when the key is pressed (either with or without Unicode support).
  • Mouse Functions — Assign a button on your mouse to use any of the available mouse button functions.
  • Media — Set a mouse button to function like a media key you'd typically find on a keyboard.
  • Hotkeys — Use a pre-defined keystroke command.
  • Shortcut — Assign a button to launch a file/folder/drive on your computer.
  • Function — Assign a button to act like a Microsoft function button (ex. to open your web browser).

-On the Logitech Gaming Software, each button will be labeled with the functions you assigned it with (see image below as an example).


G300 Configuration View


Hope this helps.



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