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I can't choose! G9x or G700?

I like to play a mix of mmo's and fps. I like the g9x for it's precise laser and movements, and I like the g700 for its extra programmable buttons. In terms of fps how accurate is the g700 compared to the G9x? Is there any real difference between the two, aside from the extra buttons?


Thanks for the help! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: I can't choose! G9x or G700?

I have both.

Both of them use AVAGO S9500 sensor, so there is no difference between them on performance.


G9x was launched on 2009 while G700 was launched on 2010.


Some improvement is made on G700, for example, microgear switch button is located behind the mouse wheel on G700 this makes it more easier to switch the mode of the microgear while you're working or gaming.(For G9x, it is below  the bottom of the mouse).

And the profile switch button, same problem.


Besides, G700 have more buttons than G9x that you can customize in your game. And even more options for key assignment.(For example, "DPI Loop" is only enable on G700)

G700 is a dual-mode mouse, you can choose wireless or cord  whenever you want.

G9x is a normal cord mouse.


the only thing i'm not  satisfied with G700 is the weight. It is much too heavy with rechargeable battery. But still, it can be solved, just google "Energizer L92"


the best thing for G9x is the interchangeable grips, you can choose the grips that is most comfortable for you.



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Re: I can't choose! G9x or G700?

No of those go for another brand, logitech just ignore our request to updated old setpoint to LGS for G700, since now you can only have really stupid marco

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Re: I can't choose! G9x or G700?

Don't buy either.  Go to another company.  Logitech mice have become total trash that breaks within 2-4 months of purchasing and their customer support is horrendous.

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Re: I can't choose! G9x or G700?

Hmm I see alot of postive reviews for both mice, I don't believe you, lol.

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Re: I can't choose! G9x or G700?

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The lack of Logitech Gaming Software for Logitech Gaming Mice, and subsequently being forced to use Setpoint? It's a truly sorry state of affairs. Logitech has lost a lot of credibility in my eyes due to this rather atrocious fiasco. That having been said, their mice are still tops. The G700 is a fantastic mouse for all kinds of gaming. World of Warcraft? StarCraft II? Diablo III? Non-Blizzard games? It handles them all with aplomb. Even with having to use Setpoint, I recommend it be given high consideration by anyone serious about PC games.
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Re: I can't choose! G9x or G700?

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the G700 is far from perfect but after spending over $700 on different gaming mice, I keep going back to it again. I can elaborate more on the pros/cons if anyone cares.

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Re: I can't choose! G9x or G700?



Could you tell us the pros/cons of the G700? I'm thinking about upgrading to it from G500.


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Re: I can't choose! G9x or G700?

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Okay, here's what I could think of off-hand after owning the G700 for about a year and a half. a lot of people won't agree with some of this because a mouse is a very personal device and everyone has different needs. I know I listed a lot of cons but I'm very nitpicky. i've had FAR MORE or WORSE complaints about other gaming mice, if you'd like me to compare the G700 to any other 9+ button mouse, i've probably owned it and i'd be glad to point out how they are all inferior 


Note: I've had to replace a word that is used to describe vacuum cleaners, with "stinks" instead.



-GREAT ergonomics, even better than the old MX500's and G5's IMO. I find it works well for both claw and palm grip. I especially like how thin (left to right) the mouse is, which makes it easier to pick up.


-avago 9500 laser sensor is really good. (again personal preference, but I much prefer this over phillips twin-eye)


-overall the mouse is VERY accurate and easy to get a good grip on, I've yet to find a mouse that I'm this accurate with. especially good in FPS's as well as MMO's and diablo-style games


-sides have great grip. not rubber, but rough plastic. (some hate this, some love it. personally I love it because it doesn't absorb sweat and oil) very easy to lift and place mouse down again.


-4 thumb buttons are great, what I always wanted in the MX500's and G5's


-side scrolls are nice, and they are clicky mechanical buttons too! you can keybind these to make even more macro/keystroke assignments.


-wired and wireless is nice to have, but wireless can be a con.


-weight is pretty good without battery (again personal preference)


-onboard memory is nice with many profiles. you can program the mouse in setpoint then uninstall them and it retains all settings/profiles. very customizable too, you can keybind every single button the mouse has, (for example putting left click on a thumb button instead if your index finger gets tired in diablo3. or have it on both to alternate fingers)


There's a lot more Pro's than this, but I consider them standard for any real gaming mouse.




-mouse shape is a little too elongated (at the palm) for a good low-sensitivity claw grip since you don't have much vertical travel distance before the mouse hits your palm, but this is cirvumvented by getting used to a higher DPI. Still, it would be nicer if that "lip" at the bottom could be trimmed smaller.


-the height of the mouse is just a little too high, IMO, but that's personal preference. (the MX500's and G5's were lower). This has a habbit of making me want to rest my hand on the mouse at more of an angle with thumb on top, which is suboptimal for hitting the extra buttons.


-different pinky-plates would be nice, this seems to be popular among a few gaming mice as of late. the way I hold it, my pinky finger drags on the mousepad so one with a flat tray on that side would be nice as long as it didn't interfere with certain grips


-mouse wheel click stinks, it's hard to push down (gives me finger cramps if I keybind it to a regularly used ability in-game) and it's not a clicky mechanical button (which would be nice if it were). but to bypass this, i've assigned middle click to right scroll since it's MUCH easier to push. (Edit: it appears the 2 springs logitech uses under middle click gives it excessive actuation force. these can be removed with no adverse effects if you're willing to void the warranty)


-scroll wheel would be better if it were rubber and spikey/bumpy like razer/cyborg


-side scroll is stiffer on left scroll than right scroll. (Logitech uses two different switches here, one gray, one black. Why I don't know)


-hyper-scroll button location stinks, it should be moved above the wheel IMO, and given us two buttons directly below the wheel. the way it is now, the G11 button is unusable without cramping your finger down


-G8, G9, G10 buttons (to the left of left click) are better than nothing, but they are too far out of the way and require too much force to use regularly for keybinds/macros. the repetetive motion of over-extending your finger and pushing down semi-hard will give you finger cramps fast. these could be placed better, maybe some on the right side of the mouse since it's barren there. clicky instead of bumpy buttons would be better here, or at least mushy/soft like the thumb ones.


-thumb buttons have an inconsistent feel, G4 feels mushy, but overall not a big deal - I still love them. also none of these buttons are mechanical switches, which would have been nice. but they're still way better than Razer's thumb buttons which gave me cramps


-laser sensor is placed too far to the front of the mouse, it takes awhile to get used to it but being in the middle would have been much better


-wireless doesn't quite feel as good as wired, but this is probably the case with all wireless mice. it feels about 95% accurate most of the time, but even less accurate with tiny movements (like moving cursor position when editing a post)


-default wire the G700 comes with is way too thick and stiff as a flagpole, feels like a ball & chain... but you can replace it with any micro-USB wire. I'm using a braided cord from a Mamba with mine. Logitech really needs to provide a thinner cord. I understand the mouse has to get power through this wire too, but why can the Mamba use a thin cord but G700 can't? logitech has yet to explain this other than saying it had to be thick for power reasons.


-mouse feet are not quite slick enough (for my taste) but you can get some good 3rd party feet


-left/right click uses Omron switches from China, but Japan ones are more reliable and feel nicer


-with claw/fingertip grip right click doesn't spring up enough to raise your finger after pushing down, you have to lift your finger which can lead to fatigue. (again, possibly the chinese omron switch causing this, I hear japan ones spring up more but it could also be because of the "hump" in the middle of the mouse, it puts a lot of your middle finger weight down) this could also be a Pro instead of a Con if you're holding down right click most of the time like in MMO's. this took also some getting used to, at first I was accidentally right clicking a lot. (Edit: opening the mouse body and placing a few pieces of tape between the body and base to raise the right side of the mouse a half of a milimeter fixes the right click so you don't accidentally click it. this was especially required after I replaced the china omron switches with japan ones)


-battery indicator is not quite accurate, it always shows you have less battery than you really do.


-battery life stinks (in gaming mode) and the AA battery weighs the mouse down too much. a lithium battery would have been much better. i mean come on, there's no excuse not to have one nowadays, even those li-ion camera batteries are dirt cheap lately.


-Still uses Setpoint drivers and not Logitech Gaming Software, but the good thing is it has onboard memory so you can program it with Setpoint then uninstall the drivers and it will retain your profiles including DPI, USB polling, keybinds, macros, etc.


-doesn't use Logitech's universal wireless receiver


-mouse registers lift distance, so your cursor will move a little bit diagonally when lifting and placing mouse down again. this is an issue with most laser mice though. my workaround for this is to just lift the left side of the mouse, so the right side is still on the mousepad when you drag it to relocate. (even has shiny plastic on the edges that make draging there easy). the cursor still moves a tiny bit but not as much as lifting it all the way up. and the amount it moves when lifting is also the amount it moves back the other way when placing down again so in most cases your mouse has zero actual jitter from where it would have been if you hadn't lifted it at all



Overall it's a great mouse and I have not been able to find a worthy replacement for it. I use it in wired mode almost exclusively except when I'm lazy and mousing from a sofa. I've been looking for a replacement because I'd love to have access to more buttons that don't cramp my fingers, since only 5 extra buttons are usable for me. (4 thumb buttons, and right scroll, which was the same usable extra buttons my old MX518 had; 2 thumb, middle click, DPI down, and switch-windows button)


But as far as the G9x vs G700 goes, they are kind of intended for different purposes.  they should be equally as accurate though since i believe they use the same laser. but personally I require a lot of extra buttons for MMO's so the G700 would be the clear choice for me. 


also, @mrcultureshock: I've owned the G500 too but I preferred the G700. the G500 is almost the same feel except it doesn't have the big "hump" in the middle. you'll have an easy time adjusting since it uses the same avago 9500 laser in it. personally I prefer the lower height of the G500, but the it felt much cheaper like the paint would wear off fast or it would break easily. (in fact, mine came DOA with a loose laser lens). and also I prefer the extra buttons on the G700


Edit: also, in case anyone might find this useful - i personally find DPI of 1200, 1500, or 1800 optimal with this laser (with setpoint uninstalled, since there's a difference in cursor movement), and I keybind all keys to keystroke assignment except for G4, G5, middle click, and G11 (DPI loop, since it's too hard to press G11 regularly as a keybind)


Edit2: Since this post, I've been playing with more DPI settings and I seem most comfortable at 1600dpi @ 1000Hz now. Also I've replaced the two main mouse clickers (left one with an easier to click Omron D2F-01F switch and the right one with a harder to click thumb button switch (red/black/white switch with a JC logo on it) I gutted from an old belkin mouse.) which seems to have made a drastic improvement, but right click is still too easy to hit accidentally when just resting your hands on it.

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Re: I can't choose! G9x or G700?

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also another thing about g9x vs g700 is the force required to push middle click. I got this off someone else's post:


G9/G9x ~ 360 g
G700 ~ 190 g


and G500 I believe is exactly the same as the G700


but personally even the 190g is way too much for me, it hurts my finger so i remapped right scroll to middle click. i miss the old MX518/G5 middle click since they used the same 50g-65g click as the left/right click.


Edit: I opened one of my G700's and removed two springs under middle click and the force is more like 100g now, much easier