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LGS Not detecting G400s --- Using Windows 7 64-bit

As the title states, I can't get my LGS to detect my new G400s mouse. The mouse works perfectly without the software, but I really would like for it to work with the software so I can customize it. I have a G600 which is recognized with no probs by LGS, but not my G400s. I've tried everything from disabling UAC, reinstalling LGS(and tried old versions of it that people have stated might work), unplugging and replugging into diffierent USB ports, and manually updating the drivers by searching in the LGS drivers folder and updating from there. In need of any and all help please! Thank you!

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Re: LGS Not detecting G400s --- Using Windows 7 64-bit

Hello Intoxikate,


The G600 mouse is capable of using the Logitech Gaming Software v.8.30 up to the present, whereas your G400s mouse is only limited to use LGS versions 8.45 and 8.5 from the time of its release. Using a lower version of LGS for your G400s will render the gaming mouse unseen for further configuration.


I suggest to try re-installing the Logitech Gaming Software v.8.5 under clean boot to see if that helps.




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Re: LGS Not detecting G400s --- Using Windows 7 64-bit

Sry for the late response, but I've already tried reinstalling the newest version of LGS under clean boot as well, but still no luck getting it to detect my G400s. I've tried in my other PC using Windows 7 64bit but same results there as well. Any additional help would be appreciated.

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Re: LGS Not detecting G400s --- Using Windows 7 64-bit

I've posted a possible solution in other threads here on this forum. Namely:


Install, and then run, LGS as an Administrator.

In order to do this, perform the following:


  • Locate the LGS_8.50.281_x64_Logitech.exe file you downloaded
  • Right Click > Run as administrator
  • Complete the installation via the wizard

After Installation (make sure you exit the currently running version of LGS from the System Tray first using Right Click > Exit!):

  • Navigate to C:\Program Files\Logitech Gaming Software\
  • Right Click on LCore.exe > Properties
  • Change to the Compatability Tab
  • Check the option under Privilege Level to Run this program as an administrator
  • Click Apply
  • Click OK
  • Double click LCore.exe to start LGS