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Setpoint 5.1

Does anyone have links to setpoint 5.1 for Windows 7 64bit, logitech has replaced the link on the G9 with Setpoint 6.0 and problem is that 6.0 does not install properly on my PC.

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Re: Setpoint 5.1

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why doesnt it install properly?

in order to access the gaming part of setpoint 6.0 you have to go to program files\logitech\setpointG and then find the exe file to start the gaming version.

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Re: Setpoint 5.1

same issue here , i install 6.0 but doesnt show up anywhereon my system in logitech folders or in start up menu. when i try to install 5.1 it says a newer version is already installed so set will quit. cant find 6.0 anywhere on my comp.