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Torn Between the G600 and the G700

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I just bought the Cyborg R.A.T. 7, and am not happy with it, so I need a replacement.


I've been looking and looking and come to a conclusion that I like the G600 and G700 just the same, from what I've seen. (I haven't used them yet)


I am a MMO gamer, gearing up for Guild Wars 2 mainly, but I play the occasional shooter. I have the G13, and absolutely love it, and I love the interface of the G-series Key Profiler. Here's what I think about them so far, just from researching:



I love having more buttons. (Though with them all grouped, I feel like it could be easy to hit the wrong button, I could be wrong, I've never used it)

I love that it uses the Key Profiler like G13.

Slightly cheaper. (I'll pay full price for either mouse, either way it's a step up in quality, and step down in price from this hunk of crap R.A.T.7)

I like the light up buttons, though negligible.



I prefer the position of the buttons over the G600

I LOVE the fact that wirelessness is optional. I dislike the restrictions that a wire can have, but a wired mouse is almost always more reliable.

The ergonimics look better than the G600.

I like the optional clicky or free-wheel scroll wheel. (I don't know what else to call it xD)

I don't like that it doesn't use the G-series Key Profiler.

I don't like it's lesser assortment of buttons.



This all brings me to a couple questions:

Which mouse is better for claw grip?

The G700 advertises 13 programmable buttons, does that include the scroll wheel left and right/wheel click?

Does either mouse have on-board profile memory like the G13?


Which one would you say is a better mouse over all, (price aside), and why would you say so?

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Re: Torn Between the G600 and the G700

I have the g700 and tried the g600.

First I think the g700 is a bit better for claw but not by much imo. The 13 buttons do include the three scroll wheel buttons (left, right, and down). It also includes the left and right click so it is really like 11. I am pretty sure both have onboard memory, at least the g700 definitely has room for 5 profiles .


I bought the g700 for the shape. I had a performance mouse mx and the shape is similar and I think it is quite comfortable. The g700 does have a rough texture on the sides which bothers some people, but I like it. Wireless was a plus for me too and I didn't need more than 10 buttons or so. Both are great though and if you need more buttons the g600 is a great choice. That's the only reason I would pick it over the g700 though. 

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Re: Torn Between the G600 and the G700

I bought the G600 MMO.


The G700 looks a bit easier to hold and aim with since there is more room to gripo the sides and you get to use the ring finger and pinky finger to stabilize mouse movement for accurate aiming in games (Like FPS).


The G600 has a superior amount of buttons which cater to MMOs obviously. The extra width and ring finger button mean the mouse is harder to stabilize for precise aiming, but excels for convenience of multitasking and using abilities.


Personally I use the ring finger button as a "push to talk" button for Ventrilo instead of using it as a shift button for the 12 side buttons. This was a much more natural use for the ring finger in my opinion.


This alone made the mouse worth it for me, as having to use CTRL or really any key as a push-to-talk button usually got in the way of me multitasking with my game buttons.


Now I can pretty much use push-to-talk on-the-fly without hindering my game performance or slowing me down.


Basically I will sum it up this way for you...


G600 = Plenty of buttons, but a bit bulky so not as accurate/easy to aim with (Good for MMOs)

G700 = More natural to hold, but less buttons (Good for FPS)


If you think the G700 has enough buttons for your MMO needs (don't count the left/right function of the scroll wheel) then go for the G700. If you want the convenience of more buttons, definitely think the G600 is worth a try.


I basically count 7 buttons on the G700 I'd use frequenty for MMO macros. The 4 thumb buttons, and the 2-3 buttons next to the big left click button. The Scroll Wheel and the 2 buttons under it seem more difficult to reach or are more likely to result in misclicks (especially that multi function Scroll Wheel).


On the G600, 6 to 9 of the thumb buttons should be easy to reach with your thumb. Most people either can't comfortably reach the first or last row depending on hand size. Using the ring finger as a G-Shift in this case gives you a comfortable combination to double the macros you can use comfortably on your thumb to 12-18 buttons, which is about right for a row of abilities on a typical on-screen skill bar for a real MMORPG game.


While you can probably use G-shift to double the 7 buttons on the G700, having a finger dedicated specifically for the G-shift (the ring finger button) means you don't have to take your finger off the main left/right click buttons.

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Re: Torn Between the G600 and the G700

G600 = Plenty of buttons, but a bit bulky so not as accurate/easy to aim with (Good for MMOs)

G700 = More natural to hold, but less buttons (Good for FPS)



I completely disagree with this statement. I tried g700 and I thought it was complete garbage. The g600 is the best mouse to ever grace the market of gaming mice. The accuracy and aiming is what I found to be the best part of it actually. The 8200 DPI is amazing. Get the g600 and experience the finest mouse on the planet. g600 fits in hand perfectly and the hotkey/macro capabilites are ASTOUNDING. I play a game with 80+ keybinds and this mouse can do it all.


Oh and compared to the naga by razor I had one of those too. My naga is for sale on ebay. Naga was garbage. I had to have it replaced after 7 months of use and the left click button would sometimes release by itself magically and it was a known physical defect of that mouse.