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g500s profiles

Does automatic game detection really works or? I have g500s and g510s and i use the on board memory mode which seems to work fine. I usually play 2 different games which need to change 4-5 keybinds everytime. So i decited today to try the automatic game detection profiles but seems nothing to work. i used every single post and guide here in logitech site with no output. any advice ot something? The games are world of warcraft and warcraft 3 which are at the game detection list if that matter..

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Re: g500s profiles

Hello garevn,


I suggest for you to verify if your profiles created for WoW and WC3 are all set as persistent. It is used "to troubleshoot poor profile-performance" or to make your gaming mouse / keyboard configuration simpler. Feel free to visit the FAQs provided below for more information:


FAQ 26856: Troubleshooting gaming mouse / keyboard profile detection using Logitech Gaming Software

FAQ 21598: Setting up default and persistent profiles

FAQ 28135: Setting gaming-keyboard profiles to be Persistent or Default using Logitech Gaming Software


Please try it with your g500s mouse and g510s keyboard. I hope this information helps. Smiley Wink




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