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g700 vs g700s

so my g700 broke and logitec replaced it with a g700s (by the way logtec has THE BEST customer support i've ever experinced.


Im just wondering what is everyones thought on the g700 vs the "s" version, it seems like the thumb buttons have been improved and are more squishy so they wont break as easy when in use.

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Re: g700 vs g700s

you tell us!  relatively few of us have had the opportunity to use both the G700 and the G700s, so a direct comparison has been difficult.  most of the G700s product reviews on the web appear to have been written by people who never used (or even heard of) the G700.


how are the G9 and G10 buttons on the G700s?  I've noticed on the G700 that you sometimes have to press them a certain way otherwise they will get stuck.  the G10 button seems to be especially prone to this problem; the G9 button less so.



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Re: g700 vs g700s

I am in the same situation. I have a G700 and the G10 button kept getting stuck. Logitech sent me a new G700S so I am trying to figure out the differences. The customer service was absolutely awesome. I guess I will have to compare them to really see the dofferences. I just got the replacement today. 

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Re: g700 vs g700s

My g700 has just failed and Logitech has offered me a g700s. I guess i will be testing the difference soon. If it had more buttons I would go to a G9x so the G 700 series is still my choice..