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performance mx vs g700

Hi! You may notice that I'm the same guy who posted about the g19 vs the g510... Anyway, this time, it's between the performance mx and the g700. The mx has darkfield (that I MIGHT not need...) and more importantly, the advanced version of 2.4 GHz wireless. However the g700 has more g keys and onboard memory. I generally use more buttons with a keyboard than with a mouse, so it's a possibility that I might not need the buttons... But also, the mx is more expensive, so it might be better. Now's time for a questions: is the gaming laser more advanced than the mx's? So, pros for mx are darfield, advanced 2.4 GHz wireless, and pros for g700 are more buttons. I will do mostly first person shooters. Which should I buy? (money is no object) 

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Re: performance mx vs g700

Wrong forum-section. You should put this into "gaming mice".

Nevertheless I have both mice and for gaming I'd prefer the G700 - those buttons will come in handy sooner or later. One downside for G700 is that gaming laser means much higher power consumption - you'll charge the mouse every other day.

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Re: performance mx vs g700

I somewhat agree with worxland, for me the G700 battery lasts 4 or 5 days but it's still less than my Performance. I've noticed no difference in laser performance so I'd say your choice is more like buttons vs battery. I use the G700 for gaming because I like extra buttons.