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Port Forwarding

Yesterday I set up Logitech Vid on two computers and also registered two new accounts.  The accounts are each added as "friends" for the other user.  Now, I ensure that both computers have Logitech Vid running and users logged in.  On each end, the other friend is listed, but shown as "unavailable."  I also reviewed firewall settings on each side and permit two-way connections (one uses McAfee, the other uses Panda).  I can click on the friend's icon and call, but it does not connect, stating the other is unavailable.  This is clearly not true, as both users have logged in to the server and are ready.


So what is going on?  Both connections, like millions of users worldwide, have DSL via a router.  Both sides use DHCP to obtain a local IP address.  Do I now need to configure the routers to forward port 9000 to each computer?  This is not stated anywhere in the documentation; moreover, the software should be able to tell that this is not configured and then provide a more meaningful diagnostic than "user is unavailable."  So, I am presuming that it is not necessary.  This is well beyond the capability of non technical users, which I was led to believe are the target market for Logitech Vid.  Am I mistaken?  Is there something else we need to configure?

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Re: Port Forwarding

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Hey there DudShan,


so a collegue and i were mulling over this.  I seems like the accounts showing unavailable should be addressed first as it may be the real problem.   Do this... add yourself to your contact list.  Does it show as available?  Also, are both systems on the same network?

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Re: Port Forwarding

What does the Vid icon on the system tray for each computer show after you login, blue or gray?


Blue - Online (Top shows Available next to username)

Gray - Offline


Are both computers connecting from same home router/network? If so, both clients need to use different base ports. This can be changed in My Settings>Application & Device Settings>Advanced Settings.


PC1- default 9000
PC2- port 9010

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Re: Port Forwarding

Well, I just added myself as a friend on the advice of Mauricesupport.  The two computers are on different networks and in fact I had made a 110 mile drive one way to the other's home specifically to set up Vid for them.


Earlier, the other user's icon was in gray and "unavailable."  Then I exited the application (completely:  including the tray icon).  After restarting, things were different:  both myself and the other user appeared in blue, and "available" as expected.  We were able to call and connect!  Not entirely sure why this action solved the problem, but it is a good way to confirm the network is functional, to test-call oneself.  The other user changed nothing.  One other thing I did do was log off an inactive user on my PC, and confirm using Task Manager that there were no other vid.exe instances running.  That may have been another source of the problem: having more than one user account logged in.


Bottom line, Vid works very well now, and no router configuration changes were done.