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Bluetooth vs. RF

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I bought a laptop about a year ago and I want to buy a wireless keyboard and mouse for it.  I am not sure if I should buy RF or Bluetooth.  I know I have a Bluetooth receiver on my laptop.  I am not sure about RF.  I saw one RF mouse (see VXNano below) that came with a transciever that connected via USB.  Do all RF mice come with a USB (or some other) transciever or is RF sometimes built into the laptop like Bluetooth is so I don't need a separate USB receiver?  If it is sometimes built in, how do I find out if I have it?
What are the pros and cons of RF vs Bluetooth?
- is one more secure?
- does one work smoother?
- do a lot of other users in a big room affect either?
- does one use less power and therefore hold its charge longer?
- anything else I should know?
Thaks for your help!

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Re: Bluetooth vs. RF

I just talked to someone at work and they did not know about RF vs bluetooth but he did say you have to watch out for the keyboard batteries running out fast.  Besides my questions above, does a wireless keyboard drain power all the time or only when you press a key?  If all the time, s there usually an on/off switch for when you are not using it?
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Re: Bluetooth vs. RF

All RF devices come with a receiver that is plugged into the USB port. With regards to you other questions:
a) Bluetooth is relatively more secure than RF.
b) How well they'll work partly depends on environemental factors (ie. electronic interference), although Bluetooth suffers from interference less.
c) Having several users in a room shouldn't affect the use of either connection.
d) Bluetooth devices tend to use up power at a faster rate.
For all cordless devices, they usually go into power saving mode to cut down on neergy consumption when idle for a specific period of time.