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Broken USB antenna for wireless mouse...replacement?

I'm trying to help my mother out by sourcing a replacement USB antenna for her wireless mouse.  The info she gave me:
2.4 ghz
P/N 831120 2000
Is there any chance I can source the antenna without having to replace the whole mouse?  I can't seem to find anything based on the part number, and she did not give me the model of mouse.
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Re: Broken USB antenna for wireless mouse...replacement?

Searching the web for that P/N shows the model is the V200 mouse. You mean you want a replacement USB receiver (not antenna, since that's just a small part inside the receiver). Logitech sells some replacement receivers (usually $10 + S/H). Contact Logitech Sales at 800-231-7717 (US and Canada only), see the Contact page, or check the Support->Downloads + Parts section as some models now list receivers there for sale.

You can also E-mail Support.

If it is covered by the warranty: Less than 30 days since purchase, you need to exchange it where you got it.
After 30 days, you would be covered under the 3 or 5 year warranty from Logitech.
See here for RMA info.

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