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Connecting Wireless Mouse without USB receiver?


I just got a wireless mouse M/N M-RAA93, older model, from a friend. He did not have the USB receiver. My question is: I use Windows Vista and looking on Logitech it states that Windows Vista uses its native drivers for the Mouse; Do I need the USB receiver? My laptop has Wireless capabilities, so I am not sure if I can connect without that receiver.


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Re: Connecting Wireless Mouse without USB receiver?

That mouse uses Logitech's 27MHz "FastRF" wireless protocol, so you need a receiver that uses that protocol. It is proprietary to Logitech, so you will need a Logitech receiver (not just your built-in wireless).

Logitech sells some replacement receivers (usually $10 + S/H). Contact Logitech Sales at 800-231-7717 (US and Canada only), see the Contact page for your country.

The replacement receiver for that model was listed on this page, but it looks like they don't offer it anymore. You might get one used (from eBay, etc.) or get another "FastRF" mouse's receiver (since they are all pretty interchangeable). See

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