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How to open up the MX revolution.

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Well I gave up my hopes on getting information on how to repair my MX revolution after tech support gave me unreasonable alternatives to repair. My battery is dead. Flashing red battery indicator syndrome. NO, THIS IS NOT a charge contact problem. Likewise my product is refurbished, I'm not covered by warranty, and I am willing to risk to open up my mouse to revive it. I've already contacted tech-support on my issue and there is nothing I can do left.
Save the planet, don't dump something that is prone to be repaired and reused!
If anyone is willing to give me step by step instructions on how to open the MX revolution, that would be great, because I'm willing to replace the battery myself. No, don't say it's not possible, it is possible and basic. It's quite educational also, and I'd rather use this mouse than any others due to its great looks. I'll have a kit ready soon.
Please Private message me the instructions and do not post here. I don't want people voiding their warranties. Only instructions to me, again. Thank You.

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Re: How to open up the MX revolution.

1. get a meduim size philps screwdriver
2. remove the 2 plastic feet at the rear of the mouse
3. there are also screws under the serial / spec sticker
4. once all the srews are removed gently lift the top of the mouse of the base.
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Re: How to open up the MX revolution.

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If you want to disassemble VX Revolution you have to remove all 5 plastic feet. But be careful doing that - use special knife with wide ending.


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Re: How to open up the MX revolution.

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To remove the battery is relatively simple, but it is a delicate procedure.

1. You will need to remove the 4 plastic feet on the underside of the mouse. Please note, you DO NOT have to remove the decal contain ting the model and serial number as a previous poster indicated, at least I didn't have to in my case.

2. Then, with a Phillips #1 screwdriver, remove the 4 screws that were revealed when you removed the 4 plastic feet described in step 1.

3. Gently slide a small, thin flathead screwdriver seam of the bottom cover and the housing of the mouse to dislodge the bottom cover. Note, careful while doing this, because there is a ribbon wire connection attached the two parts

4. At this point you will see the ribbon wire connection mentioned above. Follow the path of the ribbon wire to where it meets the bottom housing of the mouse. Here you will notice that the ribbon wire is attached by a ribbon connector. With a small flathead screwdriver, very carefully, gently lift up on the tabs on either side of the connector. Understand that you are not trying to completely remove the tabs holding the ribbon wire, you just need to raise them less then 1/16th of an inch in most cases. This will free the ribbon wire, as it's a vice type grip that holds it in place, you should now be able to pull it from the connector.

You should now have easy access to the battery :-)


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