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Logitech Wireless Mouse won't connect

I have a Logitech Wireless mouse. I have no idea of the model because it doesn't tell me anywhere on the hardware. (Which is irritating!)'s been sitting in my laptop case for a few weeks not being used. I pulled it out to use it today, and the batteries were dead. (Or so it seemed.)

So, I replaced the batteries. Now, the mouse will not connect to the computer. I tried on another laptop as well, nothing.

I have not had any problems with this mouse at all. Windows said the mouse is not connected. I've tried to find knowledge base articles on this problem, but found none.

When I put the batteries in, the battery light lights up, and then goes off after a few seconds. The green light on the bottom is on, however, if I wave something over the optical sensor, the light on the bottom goes off.

Here are the specs from the wireless receiver:

M/N C-BS35
P/N 831486-0000
PID LZ73731
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Re: Logitech Wireless Mouse won't connect

The M/N of the mouse may be on a tag in the battery compartment.

Have you tried re-connecting the mouse and receiver? Press the Connect button on the receiver, then the Connect button on the bottom of the mouse.

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