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Mouse keeps shutting off

My Logitech wireless mouse keeps shutting off and I have to keep hitting the little red "connect" button on the bottom to get to come back on again.  How do I fix this?  It's only a month old.
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Re: Mouse keeps shutting off

Hi Ifshadow! Smiley Happy
Welcome to the Logitech Online User Discussion Forum. May I know the exact model for the wireless mouse that you are using?  At the mean time, try using the receiver on different usb ports.

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Re: Mouse keeps shutting off

Yeah, im having the same problem, i have the classical cordless optical mouse for maybe about 8 months or so. Recently, it has started shutting off in the middle of use after about 2 seconds of non-use(i.e. stop moving or clicking), but the light comes back on whenever i click either mouse button. The problem had gotten to a point where i went out and bought another classical optical mouse but i cannot get it to work either because the receiver won't pick up. Can you tell me either how to get my mouse to stop shutting off or how to get the new 1 to work?
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Re: Mouse keeps shutting off

I had the same problem. Try unplugging the PS/2 connector of the base station from your computer, and just use the USB. I did this and it worked fine. They keyboard will still work also.