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LX710 setpoint software issue

       I have the LX710 cordless desktop. The OS that i use is XP Pro.
The problem that i have is after updating to the new setpoint software my cordless desktop no longer responds. I have gone through the forums and performed suggested fixs like:
  • Drain the capacitor
  • Reinstall and unstall setpoint(numerous of times)
  • Performed a clean boot, and reinstalled setpoint
  • Updated firmware
  • Replace batteries with new, never used, batteries
  • connect the receiver directly into the desktop without the HUB

The only thing that has worked is uninstall setpoint, and use my cordless desktop in embedded mode. What i need is a fix that will actually work. I did notice that when setpoint is installed i can use the "sleep mode" button located on the top right of the keyboard. Everything else on the keyboard and mouse do not function though.

Also i do keep my hub far away from any interferance, so i doubt the hub would be an issue. Even if it was an issue i had already attempted to use the receiver directly into the desktop.