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Marble Middle-click Setpoint

There used to be an option for Marble Trackball to emulate middle click when both buttons are clicked simultaneously. I couldn't find this option in the newer Setpoint settings.
How can I enable this?
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Re: Marble Middle-click Setpoint

The button chording that was available in MouseWare for the Marble Mouse is not available in SetPoint at all. Logitech may add that later.

If you are using Windows XP 32-bit (or Vista 32-bit with some work), you can uninstall SetPoint and use MouseWare instead if you want.

For a better scroll wheel emulation (with SetPoint, MouseWare, or nothing), you can use Marble Scroll. The author notes that future versions may enable button chording.

You could probably make a chording macro with AutoHotkey, but I'm not sure how well that would work.

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