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SetPoint - KHAL Main Processes

I recently installed the latest version of SetPoint over my previous installation. I believe even the install dialog stated this as being correct. But I now have TWO instances of the KHAL main process running at startup. (khalmnpr.exe) One is in the "c:\windows" folder and the other is in the "c:\program files\common files\logitech\khalshared" folder. Is this correct? Am I running an extra instance of khalmnpr.exe? Can I disable one of them without consequence? Of course thank you, anyone, for any help or info on this.

OS: Windows XP Pro SP2
SetPoint: 3.1.116
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Re: SetPoint - KHAL Main Processes

I noticed this as well after installing SetPoint 3.10. I think one instance of KHALMNPR.exe is for mouse, the other for keyboard but I'm not entirely sure.
With previous versions of SetPoint, there was an option to install for mouse-only or mouse-and-keyboard. I would select mouse-only and this resulted in only one instance of KHALMNPR.exe (from C:\Windows).
SetPoint 3.10 does not have the option to install for mouse-only... :smileysad:
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Re: SetPoint - KHAL Main Processes

KHALMNPR.EXE takes over the CPU (96%) and heats up my laptop.  Any recommendations?
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Re: SetPoint - KHAL Main Processes

I have same problem, I uninstalled Setpoint, one remained and I deleted it via regedit. I then reinstalled 3.10 software and both are back. Task Manager only shows 1 instance running. What is up with this?