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Please Support the Logitech G5 on OSX

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I have a Mac. I have a Logitech G5 mouse. I love my Mac. I love my mouse. They do not love one another. Because of Apple's holier-than-thou complex we are forced to deal with problems such as mouse acceleration (or lack there of) and are unable to fix it.


I had purchased the G5 to use in Windows for gaming and 3d modeling. I love this mouse due to the multiple DPI settings and the removable weights. I figured that Logitech would support this mouse in OSX as well. Unfortunately I was wrong. I use OSX for making graphics in Photoshop and Illustrator and because the G5 isn't supported and OSX's standard mouse settings are horrible it becomes impossible to use. My biggest problem of all is that when the mouse is moved slowly, such as for doing detail work, it is very jumpy. Sometimes it moves .5 inch of the screen for what normally would be only a few pixels.


All I ask is that, Logitech, you release a driver that supports the G5 on OSX. I understand that I COULD buy Steermouse, USBOverdrive, and ControllerMate BUT (!!!!!) why should I spend money for driver program that can make my mouse correctly. I know that they offer a trial period, but that is a problem too, as it is a trial, as in TEMPORARY.  I already bought the mouse and the OS. Is that not good enough.


Windows works great with this mouse. In fact I don't even need SetPoint for it to work great, I just use it for the ability to change settings for programs and games. With all the talk of Windows and how it can't do this or that, at least they got mouse handling down perfect. Not only would releasing a driver for OSX help me out it would also help out countless others who share my dilemma. I come to Logitech because I figure there is a better chance that you will take this to heart, than Apple. I'm sure they won't budge, but if you release a driver everyone is happy and this horrible problem will go away. Plus I like Logitech's products especially my G5.


It doesn't have to support games, it just needs to fix the acceleration and jumpiness problem, and have the ability to set buttons to anything I want. Basically make it work like it would in Windows. That would be awesome.


Again I am not going to buy a new mouse, because I like the one I have. I'm not going to buy a piece of software to support a mouse that I can get at the store. That is like buying a brand new car and having to have the engine put in later at an additional cost. I understand that most of those programs are $20 but SetPoint in Windows is FREE.




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Re: Please Support the Logitech G5 on OSX

Wow, reading this finally cured my insanity. I thought I might be the only one. Same thing happens to me with the mouse jumping inches.


I'm using the G15  Keyboard along with the G5, when I tried USB Overdrive it did not correct the Jumpy Mouse and I had to unplug my keyboard before boot up. USB Overdrive and the G15 driver/software must have been conflicting.


I will be switching back to Windows 7 because of Apple's crappy connection to the computer from the mouse. I guess they think everything is going touch. I won't be using the Mac side much until this mouse situation is taken care of.


I'll be writing on some Apple forums as well about this, since it really is more their fault. I've read that they changed the Acceleration from Mac OS 9, big mistake.