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Bluetooth mouse problems on Windows 7

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I had problems trying to connect my Bluetooth mouse M555b to Windows 7. I found that after installations it would automatically disconnect after 15 mins. After numerous reinstallation and rebooting + downloading the latest drivers off the net, it was still disconnecting.


Then I came across the below webpage that identified the problem:


The bluetooth adaptor on windows 7 was set so that the computer would automatically turn off the blue tooth device to save power.


See below webpage which states the step by step methods to re-adjusting this power managment feature:


Windows Bluetooth Fix


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Re: Bluetooth mouse problems on Windows 7



thank you but my broadcom software not able find bluetooth devices but i installed bluseilli software again its disconnceting with in 3 minutes  came here from this source  bluetooth disconnects windows 7 problem solved . i am suffering from this problem since two weeks

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Re: Bluetooth mouse problems on Windows 7

Hello airtet,


Let me ask you, are you having this Bluetooth issue with a Logitech product?, if you do, can you provide us with the following product information:


Product's name:

Part Number P/N:


I'll look forward to your reply.

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