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Cordless Mouseman Wheel M-RG53

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I still have a mouse I used with Windows 98 for which I have never been able to (easily) find an XP driver.


So when I use this mouse on XP it is without the 3rd (thumb) button or the wheel being operational.


I know this is 10 or 11 years old... but does anyone know of a way to get these working in XP?


btw I am not a total dinosaur.  I have various machines running various os's. :smileyhappy:

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Re: Cordless Mouseman Wheel M-RG53

You and I buddy. I saw your post as I was attempting to look for windows 7 drivers again. There are mouseware drivers available for XP but nothing for vista or XP. Check here: Logitech_Mouseware_d4976


Lol, my sandbridge 2600k machine has a ps2 port and my Mouseman Wheel M-RG53  is on it.


Reasons I still use it:


-Gaming: I just prefer the feeling of the rolling ball, weight and direct "analog" feel to movement. Also I like to lift it a bit from time to time and glide it which I can't do with optical mice.


-Batteries last forever compared to other mice.


-It is so ergonomic for my dino paws.


-The reciever can be "miles" away or put in any orientation and it just works. No performance loss, and still long battery life.


-I will admit that the reciever has failed once, but it has only ever been the reciever and I have discoverd that new logitech usb recievers work just a well with the mouse. So don't throw it out just yet!


Heres hoping to windows 7 drivers and that my mouse wheel scrolling is actually just not supported by default drivers and not faulty. It is the only thing not working anymore on this mouse, might test out the diodes and replace them on it. Thumb click is fine windows 7, all buttons recognised.


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Re: Cordless Mouseman Wheel M-RG53

They never made a better mouse. The Cordless Mouseman Wheel. Is everything a mouse needs and more.

AND now after Years have passed no drivers for Windows7.

Please explain this: What is so hardcore with mouse-interaction, that logitech is not able to stay at the same interface. And has to write a specific driver for every mouse they ever made.

I would buy a new one, IF the would build it like the old one!