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Default setting for scroll wheel

Too bad I can't do polls here, but it seems like every two weeks or so I see a problem caused by the default Setpoint setting for the scroll wheel click. And I suspect people who deal with friends/associates/or internet forums that deal with graphics applications would agree with me on this.


I think the default setting for the scroll-wheel click should be set to "middle mouse button" in Setpoint. But some people at Logitech (in all their wisdom) decided upon something different. Typically, it seems the Setpoint default is some variation of "autoscroll". However, this causes more problems rather than being a solution to any.


1. Most applications aren't getting the mouse data directly. Thus they don't know how to interpret the "autoscroll" function as the middle button. It makes a lot of people inexperienced in dealing with this issue fustrated. Worse off, they sometimes blame the application which is not causing the problem. (Few people suspect the mouse software.)

2. A lot of applications that make use of the middle mouse button also have autoscroll as a default function for this button. By adding another layer for autoscroll, you're introducing redundancy. And redundancy isn't really needed, those programs would function just the same with the scrollwheel set to middle mouse button. And again, sometimes it also causes this functionality to be lost as in #1.


So perhaps in the future releases of Setpoint, could you change it so that the scroll wheel click acts as "middle moust button" as the default. Thanks. It would end a fairly big annoyance, and I suspect it would improve Logitech's reputation as well.


Anyone reading this, please post if you want this too. (I'd have a poll up, but I'm not sure if it's supported here. I don't see a way to do it.) Or if you feel inclined to argue against it, you should have a good explanation.

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Re: Default setting for scroll wheel

HiSmiley Happy,


Thanks for the suggestionSmiley Happy In the mean time, installing uberoptions will make the scroll wheel click default to the middle button function.

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Re: Default setting for scroll wheel

100% agree. This is like a 2 second change for the software team doing Setpoint. You need to change it. NOW


^^ based on Setpoint 3.1.116, it might be changed in the newest version, I'm not sure

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Re: Default setting for scroll wheel

Note the current homepage of uberOptions has moved since this post. The correct link is in my signature.

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