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Desktop won't recognize mouse


I just purchased a Logitech Optical Mouse USB to replace another mouse. I'm using it with a PS/2 adaptor and Windows XP. The problem is, when I turn off the computer and switch to the Logitech mouse, it won't work. The computer loads up to the login screen, but the cursor is locked. It doesn't seem like the computer recognizes the mouse. If I switch to the older mouse (also using the adaptor) everything works again. Interestingly, when I connect the mouse to my USB port, it takes a minute to recognize and works. I tried downloading and using the logitech software but the mouse still won't work with the ps/2. Is there anyway I can get the logitech mouse to work with the PS/2 port?



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Re: Desktop won't recognize mouse



The mouse that you have is not compatible with any USB-PS/2 adapters. It is meant to be used only with a USB port. 

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Re: Desktop won't recognize mouse

Just bought the logitech cordless mouse woked fine for few days then just stopped working??..paid good money for the mouse so really dont understand why it wont work, computer just stopped reading the mouse tho other mice work fine...i think its the infrared connector thats the prob, im running windows 7 -its a 5 button mouse and batteries are good

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Re: Desktop won't recognize mouse

YEa i have the same problem too , know i bought also a keybord from logitech that comes along with mouse and it worked only 1 month and know pc does not recognise it for 2 days 1 day yes then again 1 week no and when my pc does not recognise my keybord an mouse from logitech it does also not recognise my webcamm anymore .. i really need help