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Discontinued Cordless Optical Trackman


it's the Cordless Optical Trackman discontinued?

Because in the italian version of the logitech site i cant see it anymore and it's almost vanished in various online shop here in italy.

I ask this because my old one it's starting to have frequent pairing problem and i fear that its gonna to break very soon!

I had a G5 mouse before, and with frequent usage give me a lot of problem on my wrist and shoulder, since i start to use this wonderful trackball 2 years ago i dont have any pain anymore.

I tried a M570 for some time by my friend but it's not the same with the thumb, it's not so precise, i cant play games with the same accuracy, i cant modify photo and so on, and my thumb feel tired after the use. it's definitely not the same Y_Y

Also i cant find a trackball with the same ergonomics and the same number of button -.-

I would love to see an updated version with higher DPI and laser tracking!

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Re: Discontinued Cordless Optical Trackman

Hello Dashie84,


The Cordless Optical Trackman is still available within North America. I haven't heard anything about the trackball going end of life.



Kind Regards,

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Cordless Optical Trackman End of Life/Discontinued

This is the best ever trackball.


It no longer is listed in Logitech's US Website.


I am very sorry to see it go.  I will have to keep using the ones I have.  I have used them for years.


I hope Logitech has a replacement for this - which uses a small USB receiver.  Hopefully.  I would buy it in a heartbeat.

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Re: Cordless Optical Trackman End of Life/Discontinued

I would love to see a successor too. I found out about this model when looking to upgrade from my simple Marble Mouse, only to find it seems to have been discontinued. A refresh, even if just to add unifying receiver support/newer software would be greatly appreciated by all of us trackball users!
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Re: Discontinued Cordless Optical Trackman

I've used my LCTO for almost 10 years I think. I recently bought one for around 60€ to use at work. Now when I'm searching for it all the prices seem to go from 150$ up which is real wonder to me.


The feeling this trackball gives compared to at thumb device is absolutely phenomenal and all hail the designer. I just hope something like this pops up soon since my trackball at home is starting to have serious issues with the left button and I need to replace it soon.

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Re: Discontinued Cordless Optical Trackman

Please, please, please just release an ambidextrous wireless trackball with unifying tech!  I and many others don't want to use their thumb on the trackball.  I know many people who love the accuracy of the centrally located trackball of the Trackman and the Trackman Marble.  Even a wireless Trackman Marble would be incredible!!!  Please don't make me buy a Kensington!  The Marble is the perfect trackball.  If there was a wireless version I'd buy two!!!  Shelves and shelves of that silly blue thumb marble!!!  They are not selling!!!  3 years now of hoping to walk into a store and see the glorious centered trackball on a wireless unit.  Your faithful customer is seriously frustrated with this and has resisted buying anything Logitech until this product gets made!!!  I refuse to buy that silly blue thumb ball!!!  I don't even care about that nusiance of a scroll wheel.  My wrist is calling out for a savior and it's name is Wireless Trackman Marble!!!  (BTW, my left-handed brother is with me on this one!)


Thank you!  At least I hope I can thank you... or else I'll just have to thank Kensington.

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Re: Discontinued Cordless Optical Trackman

The left click button on mine has just stopped working so I'd like to know if it's possible to still buy a replacement.

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Re: Discontinued Cordless Optical Trackman

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Dear Logitech -- 


Please, please, please bring back or re-release a newer version of the Wireless Optical Trackman.


I have used the same Wired Trackman Marble for over five years, and recommended to many of my friends.

Owning only one -- I regularly transport back and forth to work, and have been saving for the Wirless version.


Now the product is listed in some places for over $ 500 because it is discontinued!!

 <> <--!!


As mentioned above, I also do not wish to switch to Kensington, as many models lack the balance of the Trackman, and are usually uncomfortable after lengthened use.


If any refurbished Wireless Optical Trackman exist, I would be more than glad to purchase!


Best Regards,


James {Personal content removed for your safety}


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Re: Discontinued Cordless Optical Trackman

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Best trackball ever!!!


I knew this day would come.

That’s why I have 3 NIB backups on the shelf.


I’ve never had mine fail (going on 7 years) except recently:


Took it apart to clean it recently

when the scroll wheel failed.

Lots of dog hair in there.

Working like new now.


Please bring it back!!!

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Re: Discontinued Cordless Optical Trackman

Please, please bring the Cordless Optical Trackman back. It's the only one I can use that doesn't cause me pain. I use it on two different computers. I already replaced one just 4 or 5 months ago. If I had known I would've purchased at least one extra. Now I need another and the prices are nuts - can't afford it. I tried the blue ball trackman and it's not good for me - it tires my hands and fingers. I just purchased the marble and it's really hard on my hand - more so than a standard mouse. Maybe if it had a scroll wheel it would be usable. If anyone has found a replacement for the trackman, please let me know.