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I keep getting an empty message box with a message -- ElevatedAppBroker

Windows 7 64 bit

Logitech Performance MX

Is there a fix for this? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the SetPoint software as per a previous post at:


This does not work.




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Re: ElevatedAppBroker

Hello ealogi, 


To better assist you could you please let me know which version of SetPoint you are using. It would also help to know if there's something causing the message to pop up, or if it pops up as soon as SetPoint starts.


I'm looking forward to your reply ealogi, I hope that we can figure this out soon.

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Re: ElevatedAppBroker

Ok, I have a solution to this so that you can assist others with Windows 7 (64 Bit) that run across this problem. If they will go to their computer  and brows to the folder C:\Program Files\Logitech\SetPointP  they will find a file called LogiAppBroker.exe if they right click that and then left click properties. When that opens click the compatibility tab. Then Click change settings for all users. When the box pops up at the bottom under privilege level  check Run as Administrator and Click Apply. This will elecate that app so that when it runs it will run elevated. This will do away with that box. Evidentially the programmers missed this step to Elevate the program. This will fix their issue.

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Re: ElevatedAppBroker

Could someone from Logitech confirm what this executable does?  If the last poster's "workaround" is accurate. Why does this application need to run as administrator.  What is it doing?



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Re: ElevatedAppBroker

Changing the runtime permission to LogiAppBroker didn't help me either.  The only solution is to uninstall SetPoint on Win7.

What a piece of crap.