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Erratic mouse, selecting text problem

I have a Performance Mouse MX (M-R0007), and use the latest version of Setpoint.  My Windows 7 software is up-to-date.


Lately I have been experience problems when selecting text.  I will place the cursor at the beginning or end of the text I want to select and highlight the section I want to copy.  


While moving the mouse, the highlight behaves erratically.  Sometimes the highlight jumps a few words, leaving them not highlighted.  Sometimes a few lines will be highlighted, and then suddenly that highlighted section starts moving in the direction in which I move the cursor.  


The mouse is clean.  There is no buildup of dust.  The battry is fully charged.  The Unifying USB plugin is very close to the mouse.


The problem has become so bad that I can hardly edit texts.

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Re: Erratic mouse, selecting text problem

Yup, same here. (p/n M-R0007) It also occurs when dragging a file, it will loose the file. It's as if you let go of the button and then reclick it. I have a set of 8 AA Eneloop batteries so I know it's not a faulty battery that came with the mouse. I do notice that when the battery is fully charged you get about a single day of good use and then it's back to this frustrating experience. To the hot topic about battery use, I too get about 2-3 days of about 3hrs per day of normal web browsing use. Truly pathetic. If anyone from support wants to help, please post as I'm using a shared account. If it were not for the rebate that required cutting the upc code off the box, this would have been sent back. Purchased from about six months ago.
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Re: Erratic mouse, selecting text problem

I have exactly the same problem with a mouse that is less than a half year old. The selection keeps dropping erraticaly (it doesn't matter whether I'm selecting text or selecting graphics). Any info on how to solve this matter? I've got Windows 7 64 bits as an operating system.

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Re: Erratic mouse, selecting text problem

Hi markbom,


Please try testing the mouse on a second computer, if it experiences the problem there, that narrows it down to hardware related in the mouse. If that is the case, please try a capacitor drain on the mouse:


  1. Remove the batteries
  2. Randomly repeatedly click on all of the mouse buttons for 15 seconds
  3. Re-insert the batteries and reconnect the mouse.

If you experience the problem after that, please contact customer care in your region for a warranty inquiry.


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Re: Erratic mouse, selecting text problem



To take out the batteries is a good advice.  Unfortunately, it corrected the problem only for about 30 minutes.  Then I had to take out the batteries again ... now it works fine.  I guess, it's time to contact Customer Service.

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Re: Erratic mouse, selecting text problem

Same issue.  Mouse selects the whole word when I click on a word.  Other mice work OK.  Same issue with mouse on another machine.  What a pain. No better after removing batteries and upgrading the driver.

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Re: Erratic mouse, selecting text problem

Has this problem with selecting text been resolved. It does appear that it is a design issue as I now have two mice with two different computers that are getting quite bad about it.  Nearly impossible to edit text as one other user said. 


Thank you,


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Re: Erratic mouse, selecting text problem

I don't have this mouse, but I do use the same USB unifing dongle with the Touchpad T650.  I  initialy had similar problems with the touchpad and it turned out I had the USB dongle in a USB 2 port right next to another USB device which was a USB 3 device.  I moved my Logi dongle to a USB 3 port on the front of computer.  The dongle is so small I was still able to close the cover door with it in there.  All my erratic problems stopped immediately, so my guess is there was some interferance going on between the two USB devices being so close together.  There is a sticky on this from the forum concerning USB 3 devices.  Worth a try to move it.

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Re: Erratic mouse, selecting text problem

I too had this problem some days back. But I found that the USB is not properly plugged in CPU. After plugged it proeprly, the issue is resolved.

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Re: Erratic mouse, selecting text problem

You could also try switching USB ports. I had problems with other hardware before - sometimes (no idea why), devices can get erratic until you try another port.