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G15 Keyboard and G5 Mouse problems

  I have a G15 Keyboard with the Blue led and I am having on going Problems with it,   Up too I reinstalled Vista,  I had a few problems with Key locks and Delays,   I would be typing and my Key button would lock after Typing and do a long line of the Same Key, which I would have too delete then the Delete Key would stick and delete everythink I had Typed.
It Happened the First time and with a Defrag and Disk Clean up,  It seem too have sorted it out  But now its not clearing and Was thinking it might be something too do with Vista.   Becasue I also have a G5 Mouse,   which locks up or has Delays in the movement.   I would scrolling across the screen with out warning,  just stop or Stop move stop move and so on,
I have got Drivers for my mouse and Keyboard,  but there doing nothing too solve this problem.   If anyone as a solution too this problem or had the same thing.  Could you let me know,  because the keyboard and Mouse will be having Flying and British Airways Crashing lessons.
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Re: G15 Keyboard and G5 Mouse problems

Try updating your USB drivers. Also, make sure you have all the latest Windows Updates installed. Let me know if you continue to experience this problem after the updates.