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HID - Compliant Keyboard?

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I've got the Media Keyboard Elite for already like a year and was too lazy to posts any comments regarding it.
While checking the Device Manager screen i noticed that under "Keyboard" section is HID Compliant Keyboard and so is it written under "Human Interface Devices" as HID-Compliant consumer control device, HID-Compliant device, HID-Compliant Keyboard. Just wondering when i plug the keyboard into my PC it shows on the taskbar that a new hardware has been found. It surely shows Logitech USB Keyboard but afterwards it displays the HID-Compliant Keyboard. After that it has completed the necessary installations.
Another issue regarding my MX518 Optical mouse had the same problem but due time it reconfigured itself to G3/MX518 Optical Mouse in the Device Manager window.
Also for the last issue that while playing I've noticed that frequently a button stays pressed even if i'm not pressing any. Like the command gets stuck from keyboard to the PC. If you imaginge to play First Person Shooters and trying to strafe and stop but it just keeps strafing for couple of seconds.
Thank you for understanding
at least for trying =D

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