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I lost my Usb port for my wireless mouse.

I recently bought a M310 Logitech mouse from Walmart.  It's been working great so far but unfortuneately I think I lost the small usb that attaches to my laptop in order for the mouse to connect. I also think that somehow it got dropped in a garbage bag on accident that was thrown out this morning and is probly at the dump right now Smiley Sad. So my question is, Is my mouse with no usb useful at all at this point? or should I just throw it out?

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Re: I lost my Usb port for my wireless mouse.

Hi Mark376428,


The M310 Wireless Mouse need the USB (Unifying) receiver in order to work with your Laptop.


You can get the spare Unifying receiver here, or contact our Customer Care team to know your option/s.




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