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I need some help with my new G600 mouse I just got

So this is the first gaming mouse I have bought and I really like it. Is there a way to have all "special" buttons (like G9-G20 and  ringfinger button) have their own purposes? Right now G buttons are just normal numbers and the ringfinger button doesnt do anything. I was playing some games today testing this new mouse and when I tried to change the key bindings, it didnt work that good. Ringfinger button couldnt be binded and G's were just replacement for keyboards numbers. Lets say If I wanted to jump by pressing G9, then number 1 on my keyboard was jump too. Ive heard about this "Logitech gaming software" but cant find where to download it. I didnt get any discs in the package when I got this mouse that could install it.


So can I do all this with the Logitech Gaming Software and how can I get one?

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Re: I need some help with my new G600 mouse I just got

Hello lippari,


I understand that you would like to configure your Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse keys using the Logitech Gaming Software.  Here is a link where you can download the software from:


Logitech Gaming Software 8.40.83


Please check out the following FAQ:


Configuring the G600 gaming mouse buttons


Please let me know if this information is useful.


Best Regards,

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