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Issue with Wireless Mouse M185

I bought the Logitech Wireless Mouse M185 a couple of weeks ago and it was working properly until two weeks ago. Whenever I unplug the receiver or turn off the mouse then replug the receiver or turn it on, it didn't work and the touchpad still work but the button don't work properly and then it moves like hell. and whenever I try to restart or shut down, it hangs and I was forced to hard shut down by pressing the power button.


I checked the device manager, no exclamation mark. Reinstall both the mouse and the touchpad driver but to no avail. Use the reconnect utility, nope.


Some additional information:

- Laptop is Toshiba Satelite M840-1009XQ with Windows 8 Pro

- I also owned another mouse, Microsoft Touch Mouse, same issue, uninstalled driver

- Happens to had unable to shut down the computer properly issue

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Re: Issue with Wireless Mouse M185

Hello richard1226,


I understand that your Logitech Wireless Mouse M185 is not working properly.  Let me suggest to uninstall the mouse from the Device Manager to fix this issue, here are the steps to follow:


  1. Start>Control Panel>System and Security>System>Device Manager
  2. Look for the M185 Mouse, right-click on it, select uninstall
  3. Unplug the Nano receiver
  4. Restart the computer
  5. Plug the Nano receiver back in
  6. Test the Mouse

If the issue persist, can you please test the M185 Mouse with a different computer.


I'll be looking forward to your reply.


Best Regards,

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