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Logitech G400s macro-how to make one?

i need to make a macro that will press mouse5(on the g400s),delay 8ms,then press the button again,how to?

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Re: Logitech G400s macro-how to make one?

Hi cvancek,


You can follow the procedure below on how to create a macro with a specified delay on your G400s Optical Gaming Mouse with Logitech Gaming Software v. 8.46:


  1. Launch the Logitech Gaming Software (Start > Logitech > Logitech Gaming Software 8.46)
  2. Click on "Button Configuration" icon on the lower-right hand corner (icon of a mouse with two arrows pointing it).
  3. Right-click on a button that you wish to configure and choose "Edit".
  4. Select the "Multi Key" option under the Command Editor window.
  5. Type in the "Name" of the command. Do not check "Record delays between events" since you will be determining the delay intervals. Repeat options should be "None" (so that delay in ms is grayed-out).
  6. Right-click on the Keystroke box and select "Insert Mouse Event > Extra Button (Back button?) > Click. The command will be shown in the box.
  7. Right-click on the Keystroke box again and select "Insert Delay". A default delay of 0.5 sec will be shown. Right-click on the delay and select "Edit" to decrease it to 0.008 sec (8 milliseconds). While editing, 0.5 sec delay will show 500. Type in 8 to yield 0.008 sec. See FAQ 21597 for more information about creating delay intervals.
  8. Repeat "Insert Mouse Event" again to create another click command.
  9. Once done, click on OK to confirm action.
  10. Test your macro in the game.

Multiclick 1.jpg


Edit Delay.jpg


I hope this information helps. :smileywink:




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